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Huntington Beach Group Surf Lessons

Huntington Beach Group Surf Lessons

Our Huntington Beach Group Surf Lessons are a great way to bring your family, friends, or team members together for a surfing adventure. We’ve accommodated groups as large as 80 surfers.
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PRICES – 2Hour Private Group Lessons
2 surfers – $249
3 surfers – $329
4 surfers – $399
5 surfers – $480
6 surfers – $540

All lessons include surfboards and good full wetsuits. For groups larger than six, EMAIL US!

Group surfing lessons Huntington Beach

Our lessons typically last two hours (longer for large groups), and included in the package are the surfboards and wetsuits as well as expert instruction. For an extra fee we can also arrange a catered lunch, picnic areas, firewood, and our pro photographer to prove that ‘Gilbert in accounting’ actually stood up.

A good, safe beginner surfing area is hugely important, and Banzai’s location is the best in North OC. We specialize in fun & safety, and are always mindful of the lesser skilled or younger members of your party.

Appointment times are more flexible during the off-season, and often the conditions are better. The best season to guarantee space and good conditions for a large company surf party is autumn into winter.

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Shared Experience Under the Sun

The student-to-instructor ratio is never more than 5:1, and is often 2:1 depending on skill levels and conditions. Our instructors gauge the skill levels of each surfer and proceed accordingly, so that everyone is challenged but no one is overwhelmed.

Whether your group wants fun in the sun or an intense session geared towards serious instruction, you will create a shared memory and get some exercise doing it! That’s why we tell folks to save Disneyland for a rainy day; There’s no waiting in lines for this ride :)

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