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How to Get Out Through the Waves with a Longboard

– OR “GETTING TO THE OUTSIDE” Surfing is 90% paddling. Until you develop good strong paddling skills, getting to ‘the outside’ will be a problem. Some days, some places, you won’t make it at all. First of all, Don’t be misled by those sexy video’s of girls duck-diving thru clear blue water in bikini’s: Duck-diving […]

Banzai Surf School

The Joy of “Beginner” Surfboards

The Costco Wavestorm surfboard celebrated it’s tenth year in 2016. When it came out, the 99-dollar eight-foot soft board started a panic in the surf shops – “Cheap boards made by people that have never seen an ocean”. Having surfed all kinds of boards in my past fifty years, I remember the first time I […]

Ten Things All Surfers Know

1)  Crossing hot sand with bare feet, aim to step in the deepest footprints – it’s cooler there. And of course, the white lines on the crosswalk. 2)  Surfers can ‘see’ the ocean floor just by looking at how the waves break. They can spot the deep and shallow spots, and find the channel that […]

Surf Slang

Talking ‘Dude’ 101 Surfing carries a long tradition of slang terms. Most of us know the old-school terms like ‘wipeout’ and ‘cowabunga’. Here’s a list of some of our newer favorites. This should help you translate things your instructor says. “Going off” – “Dude, Brookhurst is going OFF!” This means the waves are good. You […]

How to Surf – Your One-Minute Surf Lesson!

Surfing Basics FIRST: • Location Location: Start in a surfing area that’s within your abilities. Ask around. • Always start off with a BIG board, and a SMALL wave, and NOT the other way around 🙂 IN THE WATER: • Unless the waves are tiny, you should be learning in the broken ‘whitewater’ waves, on […]

The HoLtZ!

Chris Holtz has been coming to Banzai Surf School every week for the past four years. It might seem like he should’ve ‘graduated’ by now, but Chris isn’t our average surfer. In 1995, a twenty-year-old Chris – known in his neighborhood as the indestructible kid who rode his BMX bike off the roof – crashed […]

The Problem with Groupon Surf Lessons

Most reputable surf schools won’t offer Groupon surf lessons; Underpaid and overworked instructors is a recipe for disaster. Cheap equipment doesn’t help either.

Huntington Beach “Sharknado”

The shark scare in Orange County is a non-issue. Not only that, these little sharks may be a good thing.

How to choose the best summer surf camp

School or Camp: Though the terms are used interchangeably, when I speak here of a ‘surf school’, I think of a place – perhaps open beyond summer – where people go for surf lessons. When I say ‘surf camp’, I’m referring to the place where you drop the kids off every day during summer, a […]