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Orange County Private Surf Lessons

Orange County Private Surf Lessons

Orange County Private Surf LessonsPRICES – 2Hour Private Lessons

1 surfer – $149
2 surfers – $249
3 surfers – $329
4 surfers – $399
5 surfers – $480
6 surfers – $540

All lessons include surfboards and good full wetsuits.

Wave goodbye to wipeouts.
A private surf lesson is actually an investment in your safety that pays off in saved time and frustration. Learning one-on-one is the more traditional recommended approach to learning how to surf.

We recommend a two-hour lesson. Included in the package is personal coaching, surfboard, and the best wetsuits of any area surf school.

Approximately ninety percent of our students stand up on their first lesson!

Plan for a morning; Afternoons can be windy. We’re available all year-round by appointment, and usually ready to go same-day. Appointment times are more flexible during the off-season, and often the conditions are better.

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Orange County Private Surf Lessons – Something for Everyone

Private surf lessons are for all ages. We require a private lesson for kids 8 and under. To make it more affordable, we offer a ONE-hour lesson if you prefer. We are well-versed in youth instruction from our summer camp programs, and cater to the abilities – or disabilities – of different surfers. Individual lessons are for all skill levels as well. The goal is to improve YOUR surfing and have a great time. Whether you are a surf prodigy or have never seen the ocean before, you will walk away with valuable tips and techniques that you can use forever. First-timers get the full step by step treatment in our beginner-friendly waters at Huntington Beach, while more advanced surfers are taken to the ‘outside break’ where we can coach their wave-riding to the next level.

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