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Orange County Private Surf Lessons

Orange County Private Surf Lessons

Orange County Private Surf LessonsPRICES – 2Hour Private Lessons

1 surfer – $149
2 surfers – $249
3 surfers – $329
4 surfers – $399
5 surfers – $480
6 surfers – $540

All lessons include surfboards and good full wetsuits.

Best choice for families or advanced solo lessons

This is the traditional recommended approach to learning how to surf. A private surf lesson is a good investment in your ocean skills and safety. Private surf lessons are for all ages: We’ll provide as many instructors as needed to keep people safe, and individual instructors for kids 8 and under.

Ninety percent of our students stand up on their first lesson!

• Yes, we have plenty of room!
• We like signups at least a day in advance
• Plan for a morning; Afternoons can be windy.
• FYI-Best days are when surf is as SMALL as possible! (Yes, really:)

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Orange County Private Surf Lessons – Something for Everyone

We’re available all year-round by appointment, and usually ready to go same-day. Appointment times are more flexible during the off-season, and often the conditions are better.
To make it more affordable, we offer a (seasonal) ONE-hour lesson if you prefer (Not always available in winter; it’s difficult to ‘open shop’ for just an hour:).
We cater to the abilities – or disabilities – of different surfers. Whether you are a surf prodigy or have never seen the ocean before, you will walk away with valuable tips and techniques that you can use forever. First-timers get the full step by step treatment in our beginner-friendly waters at Huntington Beach, while more advanced surfers are taken to the ‘outside break’ where we can coach your wave-riding to the next level.

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