Surf lessons are two hours, and include professional instruction, safe high-quality soft surfboards, and premium full-length wetsuits. 


•  PRIVATE (solo w/ instructor) – $139.00 

•  GROUP of TWO OR MORE – $99.00 per person

•  PACKAGE OF 3 PRIVATE LESSONS – $360.00  (Saves $60)

And make a note…

• Early mornings offer the best conditions; We rarely start lessons after noon.

• 24 hours notice is preferred. (Tho’ we’ve been known to adapt:)

• A deposit is required to confirm your surf lesson.  Start NOW!



Week-long surf camp, 4 hours per day. Offered June through August
Age 8 and above

One week $370
Signup 2 or more $350 each
Returning students $340 each
Multiple Returning $320 each


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RENTALS & Extra time with Equipment: For safety reasons, we typically rent only to those who’ve had a lesson with us. At the end of your lesson there is usually some free time available; This depends upon our schedule. During peak months we may need our equipment for lessons. There are rentals available nearby.

California State Parks charge $15 per day for parking. Bikes can enter for free, or our favorite taxi company can drop you off – Call The Banzai Cabbie: (714) 206-5000
As always, your tips are much appreciated, but never expected or mandatory. It is your ‘thank you’ to someone who has offered superior service. 15% (or about $20 per instructor) is the norm.
PHOTO PACK: $39 private/single, or $49 for groups of 2 or more Let our pro photographer shoot your session. When you’re done we hand you a USB flash drive with full-file telephoto jpeg’s, as much ‘evidence’ as we can catch. We shoot the action with a big telephoto lens that will make your pocket camera envious.
All camps are four-hour days, M–F, (not an overnight camp)

Surf campers must prepay. Sorry; We don’t ‘pro-rate’ for missed days. No refunds after camp has started. Ten day notice required for full refund.

One-week base rate                       $370

Come back a second week                Save $30 off 2nd week!

Sign-up with multiple people/kids   Save $20 per surfer!

Bring your own FULL wetsuit Save $20! (Camps only, refunded to you after camp starts)

We offer a full refund with 18 hours notice of cancellation. We have to schedule and pay instructors, so there is a $50 per student fee for no-shows or canceling within less than 18 hours of your lesson.

Tips about surf school ‘bargains’

  • Note that most of our lessons are TWO hours. You may find cheaper lessons advertised, but often you’re looking at an HOURLY rate. (We don’t like to negotiate a second hour in the middle of all the fun).
  • Banzai never overbooks or has a shortage of equipment – some schools will “rotate students” or pull surfers out of the water just as they are getting stoked. That’s less water-time, and that’s a drag, dude!
  • Size matters. Any surf school that puts a 200 pound beginner on an 8 foot board is not properly equipped. Eight foot boards aren’t much good for beginners over 130 lbs. We have ten footers, and a few assorted battleships too.
  •   Most surf camps do not offer FULL wetsuits. We do. (And you’ll be happy: Water temps sometimes dip into the 50’s even during August)