More Surfer Jokes

A little boy is learning to surf, and when he and the father get to the beach, once again, the waves are windy and sloppy. The boy asks, “Daddy, what makes the wind blow?”
Father says, “It’s caused when daddy puts on his wetsuit”.

Did you hear about the guy who was new to Huntington Beach? He got pulled over because his tide chart was expired.

Q: How do you get a surfer to school on time?
A: Tell him the waves are crappy.

Q: What’s a surfers favorite piece of clothing?
A: Tube socks.

Surfing is one of the few sports where you can pee whenever you want. That’s why they call them ‘wetsuits’.

A surfer is watching the waves with his wife, and he can’t help but to talk about the waves the same way he talks about women:
“Wooo! I’d like to ride THAT one.” Just then his wife pipes in, “Ahhh, you’d just blow it on the takeoff anyway”.

How can you spot a surfer at a wedding? He’s the one that’s not there.

The Farallon Island shark rumors are greatly exaggerated; The surfer population there numbers four and a half.

Q: What’s the difference between a surfer and a large pizza?
A: A large pizza can feed a family of five.

Q: Why did the surfer invest in oil?
A: He heard he could get a barrel for ninety-eight bucks.

Three old surfers are standing on the beach. The first one says, “Jeez, surfing at my age is getting more and more like sex”.
The second one says, “You mean you hardly do it anymore?”
The third one says, “No, he wishes he had a bigger board”.

– Jaz Kaner

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