US Open of Surfing Survival Guide


USOpenGalsEvery year Huntington Beach California hosts the biggest surf contest in the world, and the word ‘big’ doesn’t apply to the wave size – it’s about the crowd size. (Banzai Surf IS open for business and well outside the circus; We’re 3 miles south). Here’re the best tips we’ve found for making your way through it all.

• Driving anywhere near the pier can be tedious to terrible. Ditto for the parking situation. GO EARLY (That is afterall, when surfers usually SURF). Best parking secrets: Backstreets and a skateboard, City lots off of Main St. Rent a limo. Parachute.

• There’s no shame in taking the bus: OCTA buses servicing the local area include routes, 1 and 25.

• Bikes/beach cruisers and skateboards are the best way to get around, just be aware that many get stolen, or at least ‘borrowed’ by friendly drunks.

• A backpack is a good idea, just don’t let it cover your majestic latissimus dorsi.

• If you’ve got skin, show it. If you’ve got fur, maybe not.

• Plan on being in the sun: Hat, sunscreen, … defibrillator.

• You might put that cell phone in a plastic bag to keep the sand out.

• Cash is king.                                    -pau-

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