What to Bring to a Surf Lesson

What to bring to a surf lessonWhat to Bring to a Surf Lesson

This should answer one of our most common questions here at Banzai: What should we bring?

Here’s the quick list:

• Beach pack to keep stuff in

• Towel

• Sunscreen

• Water

• Contact lenses or a good leash for your glasses

• For diabetics: Bring a PowerBar. They come in a waterproof wrapper so you can tuck them in your wetsuit.

• For girls: A ‘pony’/tie for your hair

• For guys: Something snug to wear under your wetsuit. Baggy surf trucks bunch up under a wetsuit, so it’s best to wear something like Lycra bike shorts, compression shorts, briefs, your Speedo, or hey, … how about a mankini. (Don’t click that link if you’re eating).

Ready for this? The most commonly forgotten item is a towel. Yeah, it’s not life threatening, and we do keep a few extras around.

Sunscreen is your choice. You’ll be covered by a full wetsuit, so you’d only need it on your face and neck. Oh, and DO use it on your vacation BEFORE you come to Banzai: Getting into a wetsuit with a sunburn is not pleasant.

Can I wear contact lenses surfing?

You can wear contacts in the water (I have for many years), though some warn against it. Just know that you may lose them (I’ve developed a pretty good “squint reflex” over the years). It’s best to wear the daily disposable type lenses and toss them when you’re done. I don’t recommend goggles: They fog up and make you look goofy.

There are several companies that make prescription sunglasses for surfing and water sports. I have SeaSpecs ($200 w/ prescription); They have a good adjustable strap, and I attach them to my wetsuit in case they come off. I also keep a small piece of cloth to wipe them clear. They will fog up, which is more of an issue when the water is cold and there’s no wind. They fog least often in the tropics, with the warm water and trade winds, which works for me: I needed one more reason to move there : ).                                 – Jaz Kaner

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